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Synergy Power Tower - Evolution NEW

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• Patented integrated continuous variable transmission

• Potential power range of up to one million watts at 150 step cycles/minute
• No electricity required
• Multiple operational modes, including, but not limited to:
 Total body climbing
 Lower body climbing/stepping 
 Upper body hang pull and push press
 Upper body reciprocal and/or single arm hang pull and push press
 Lower body reciprocal and/or one arm supported chest press and row
 Reciprocal calf press
 Deadlift and Squat


• Increase anaerobic power/endurance

• Multivariate Training Platform
• Target lower, upper or entire body
• Increase muscular strength and endurance
• Higher caloric burn
• No impact training
• Increase VO2 max
• Increase coordination and agility
• Sport specific training
• Rehabilitation
• Optimize overall health


49 L x 35 W x 94 H

Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews

This machine is the only machine on the market that allows me to do cardio and resistance training. I also have a mobility issue with my shoulder and this machine allows me to be able to push and pull without pain!

Marquis Phillips
My Clients Love It

As a Fitness Professional with more than 20 years in the biz, I know how powerful it is to be able to provide my clients with a safe and effective way to increase strength, flexibility and cardiovascular proficiency without high impact and wearing down connective tissue. This one machine does all of that for me and more. Every client I put on it, from athletes to post rehab, raves about the feel and versatility. This machine increases the level of service I'm able to provide and subsequently increases my value as a Fitness Coach.

Soren Kristensen
Unbelievable Ergo

In my 30 years of training, I have not yet come across anything as holistic as this beast. It can be a gentle giant one moment and next it is a monster. Love the different set up modes, truly one stop Ergometer.
Love it, Recommend it, Must have it!

Gena Lineweaver

Finally I found a piece of equipment that has it all! I can do cardio and strength all at once and with ZERO impact. It takes up little room and no electricity needed! I LOVE IT!!! Best workout ever!!! SO happy I bought it!

Richard Davis
The best full body workout!

The Power Tower is no joke!! You will be breathless with every movement. I can get a full body workout with no impact on my joints. Superior product!