Synergy Air

Synergy Power Tower - Classic NEW

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• Patented integrated continuous variable transmission

• Potential power range of up to one million watts at 150 step cycles/minute
• No electricity required
• Multiple operational modes, including, but not limited to:
 Total body climbing
 Lower body climbing/stepping 
 Upper body hang pull and push press
 Upper body reciprocal and/or single arm hang pull and push press
 Lower body reciprocal and/or one arm supported chest press and row
 Reciprocal calf press
 Deadlift and Squat


• Increase anaerobic power/endurance

• Multivariate Training Platform
• Target lower, upper or entire body
• Increase muscular strength and endurance
• Higher caloric burn
• No impact training
• Increase VO2 max
• Increase coordination and agility
• Sport specific training
• Rehabilitation
• Optimize overall health


49 L x 35 W x 94 H